Decaffeinated Arabica “Decaf” from Vietnam из Вьетнама


Arabica "Decaf" is a real gift for those coffee lovers for whom caffeine is contraindicated. La Viet Coffee is the only company in Vietnam who uses the technology of Swiss Water Process for decaffeination of coffee beans which is the most environment-friendly and clean in the world.

Despite the fact that the coffee has medium roast it has a more intense color and on the surface of the beans might be visible essential oil - for “Decaf” this is normal. In the rich taste of this coffee there may be a light acidity, the aroma resembles the smell of fried sunflower seeds. Milk would soften this coffee and will give a creamy tint. For those who loves a rich, dense taste it is recommended to drink coffee with nothing added on it.


All the "La Viet Coffee" we order directly from the factory in Dalat which guarantees the freshness and high quality of the product. At your request we can grind coffee for: Turkish coffee pot, espresso, Vietnamese Phin, drip coffee maker or other way.


Species: 100% Arabica

Fermentation: Swiss Water Process

Roast level: Medium

Taste: Sunflower seed aroma. Soft body and slight aftertaste.


Arabica 100%
Герметичный пакет с обратным клапаном
La Viet Coffee
  • Decaffeinated Arabica “Decaf” from Vietnam из Вьетнама
  • Decaffeinated Arabica “Decaf” from Vietnam из Вьетнама
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