Fragrant coffee collection from Dalat, 750 g from Vietnam из Вьетнама

Fragrant coffee collection from Dalat, 750 g from Vietnam из Вьетнама ID#3967
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Three stunning blends of coffee in one set. 100% Arabica which in each blend tastes differently in its own way.


Arabica Light is a soft fruit bouquet combined with the taste of alpine Arabica. You will be surprised by a pleasant fruity notes, gentle and restrained taste especially if you brew it through a drip machine. The light body coffee leaves an insinuating fruit aftertaste.

Roast level: Light


Arabica Balanced - a delicate vanilla that will fill you with warmth and comfort. It will please you with subtle taste of vanilla. The balance between strength and tenderness will give you a delicate, pleasant aftertaste.

Roast level: Medium


Arabica Rich - a bright chord of dark chocolate in your cup of coffee. Discover all the depth and rich coffee taste of medium-dark roast. This coffee is borders where the taste and aroma retains the maximum intensity but does not fall into excessive bitterness. On the aftertaste you will find notes of dark chocolate.

Roasting: Medium-Dark


All three blends do not contain flavorings, tints of taste are being achieved due to the proper disclosure of the essence of coffee beans and various levels of roasting. The set contains three packs of coffee. Each 250 g coffee is suitable for brewing in a Moka pot, Vietnamese Phin filter, French press etc.

Сорт Arabica 100%
Аромат Fruits, Vanilla, Chocolate
Упаковка Герметичный пакет с обратным клапаном
Бренд La Viet Coffee
Страна Vietnam