Arabica Coffee “Honey” from Vietnam из Вьетнама



Arabica Catimore is used for this coffee. This is a very rare coffee that combines a sour taste, soft bitterness and a bright sweet note. Method of processing: Honey.

This kind of blend is ideal for making an espresso coffee, in Moka pot, AeroPress. It is also good to use traditional Vietnamese Phin coffee filter, French press, Turkish coffee pot, filter or drip coffee makers. The optimal water temperature for brewing is 92-96°.


All the "La Viet Coffee" we order directly from the factory in Dalat which guarantees the freshness and high quality of the product. At your request we can grind coffee for: Turkish coffee pot, espresso, Vietnamese Phin, drip coffee maker or other way.


Species: 100% Arabica

Fermentation: Wet processing

Roast level: Light

Taste: Dogrose sourness. Prunes, dried fruits. Sweet aftertaste.


Arabica 100%
Герметичный пакет с обратным клапаном
La Viet Coffee
  • Arabica Coffee “Honey” from Vietnam из Вьетнама
  • Arabica Coffee “Honey” from Vietnam из Вьетнама
  • Arabica Coffee “Honey” from Vietnam из Вьетнама
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